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Regional Honor Choir

Here is everything you could ever possibly need to prepare for your Regional Honor Choir audition!

Must be an Italian solo.
Click HERE for all solo tracks (select yours).

Major Triad
Minor Triad
    (This YouTube video might further help you with the triads... Just ignore the diminished and augmented ones)
Chromatic Scale

Tonal Memory
THIS MEANS THE 5-NOTE PATTERNS. This is hard to practice so just do the best you can!
  • This website had fun games that could help with ear training. You do have to create a free account to access most of them and some of them require a microphone.
  • Look up "ear training exercises" on Google for more ideas. Let me know if you find anything helpful!

Sight Reading
  • Try practicing with these sample melodies. Give yourself 1 minute to study each, then record it and check it.
  • This website has LOTS of good ideas--and they're not just for sight reading!
  • Mr. Borges has TONS of material you can utilize. But, YOU HAVE TO ASK!

MOCK AUDITION This link outlines EVERYTHING you'll have to do for the audition. Listen. And learn.